UBIX’s growing partner ecosystem helps our customers accelerate the development and delivery of business impact of artificial intelligence. Some bring key capabilities for infrastructure scale and automation, others provide services to accelerate your impact, and still others provide the free, open source foundation of AI-on-demand.

All of this greatly increases the productivity of business analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and IT / DevOps while removing bottlenecks in the AI lifecycle.

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Red Hat OpenShift Certified

Red Hat OpenShift

OpenShift equips UBIX and UBIX customers with an enterprise-grade Kubernetes environment, and all the tools and services we need to create, edit, deploy, and manage container-based apps at scale across a hybrid-cloud environment. The service is employed by UBIX InstanceSpace to orchestrate the architecture, processes, platforms, and services that empower our customers to build apps that move your AI projects forward.

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Klarrio United States

Iot. Analytics. Open Source solutions. PaaS. And more. Klarrio provides UBIX customers with a one-stop resource for cloud-based solutions, no matter how complex your integration requirements are, or how high the volume of bidirectional data flow your system demands. Together with UBIX, Klarrio is your bridge to digital transformation. And big results with big data. 

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